5 Personalized Gifts Everyone will love


Giving something you made by yourself is hundred times much worth it than buying an expensive gift. It shows how much you care for them and they hold a special place in our heart. If you are thinking about giving a personal touch than I’m going to help you in making your personalized gift. You just have to be a little creative or just follow my lead. 😛

Here are some few ideas which will help you capture a special place in their heart.

  1. Hand-made cards

Handmade cards

Well I don’t have to explain for this one. You can create birthday cards, anniversary cards and get well soon cards.The ideas and decoration for the handmade cards are endless. If you good in drawing and art then I’ll suggest to go on with this one. .

2. Ribbon Bookmarks

Ribbon Bookmarks

If you are looking for easy birthday or any other gift ideas then these ribbon bookmarks could be the perfect choice. Not only are they an easy sew project that can be done with a sewing machine or by hand, but they are pretty cheap to make, too. Did I mention you can whip up a bunch of these in just minutes?

3. Personalized Mugs


Well the name is giving a pretty clear explanation. If your loved one or your best friend is a coffee addict then this is the best gift you can give to them because good coffee is like friendship: rich, warm and strong and to have a perfect coffee you must have a nice cup to drink up. Don’t you agree?

4.Picture Collage


A collage like this can help you both remember all the memories you’ve shared along the way. This gift will put a smile on my face I can tell you that. 🙂

5. Cook something for them

cook something

If you want a special place in that person heart then a delicious food is way to go. You know what they say “The key to their heart goes through the stomach”, well it’s not the correct saying 😛 but I think I’ve made by point. I doesn’t want matter what you cook for them as long it is delicious and you made them happy it’s huge win for you. So put on your apron and get your butt in the kitchen and start cooking. Make sure not to burn down the kitchen. 😛

Hope you enjoyed this article. Make sure to put some comment below if you think we missed something or give us your feedback and more awesome and hilarious article like this stay tuned to our blog.


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