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How an online cake delivery helped me meet my friend


Sometimes you have to follow what your logical mind says and shun the emotional stuff that your heart throws at you. But every so often, it is the illogical thoughts of heart that get a conflict resolved between two people. A very dear friend, Heena, and I had a major disagreement over an issue and there were a few words that we exchanged that we shouldn’t have. Anyway, there was silence on both sides for a few days after that unfortunate day. Heena’s birthday was approaching and even when I wasn’t invited for any party or get together, I decided to wish her in a different way.

It was August and monsoon was at its peak. On one such rainy day, I had that ugly argument with Heena. Six days later, it was her birthday and usually, much before her birthday, I get her phone call to decide on the venue for a meet up. Her birthday fell on Sunday, and it was raining since morning. Still she didn’t call me. If birthdays fell on a holiday that automatically meant that the whole day was to be spent together.

After spending a few morning hours regretting everything which happened that day, I decided to reach out to her. It is never easy to make a phone call in such a situation, and wishing her a happy birthday through a message didn’t seem like a good idea at all. An idea struck my mind. I took up my laptop and googled birthday cakes online. I also tried to search through her favourite cakes such as chocolate cakes online and truffle cakes online. Quite a good number of options came up to me. Now I was confused, what should I choose?

When someone has been a very close friend for many years, then you know exactly what would make them happy. I thought of flowers and typed cakes with flowers online. Going through many websites, I liked one website called and browsed it completely. I have also heard about it once from a friend. The website looked decent. They had a very thoughtfully selected range of cakes and flowers combos. I really liked a cake and flower combination, placed an order and also called their customer care number to have a particular message sent with the flowers.

All done, the order reached her in 3/4 hours. I was called by the delivery person when the delivery was made. It was received by Heena herself as she was at home. I was surprised as she was at home on her birthday. She didn’t go anywhere. That made me a little happy. My best friend didn’t call me to meet for her birthday but neither did she go with anyone else.

After an hour of the delivery, I received a call from her. She said, “I received a cake and flowers from someone. Why don’t you come down at my place to taste the cake and see how fresh the flowers are?” And that is how I finally got to meet my sweetheart friend on her birthday!